Above Average Rainfall For Vermont June 2013

Excessive Rain For Vermont

The first 12 days of June have already given the Champlain Valley a lot of rain. As I write this, Burlington International Airport has already received 4.15″ inches of rain for the month. To put things into perspective, the normal monthly average rainfall total for June at Burlington International Airport is just 1.34″. So we are already 2.81″ above normal for the monthly average!

More Rain To Come…

For tonight (the 12th), Burlington may see some more showers move into the region and give us another .1-.2″ of rainfall. We also might see a little bit of rain for Thursday. However, rainfall amounts should be less than .1″ for tomorrow.

On a slightly better note, the weather for the weekend is looking nice. At this time, I don’t foresee us getting any rain from Saturday until Sunday afternoon.

By Sunday evening/night, the chance for showers will return to the region. The chance for showers or periods of rain will persist into the middle of next week before a cold front sweeps through and allows high pressure to enter New England on Wednesday.

How Much More Rain Will We Get This Month?

Over the next 7-10 days, I can see us getting another 1″ of total rainfall added onto the 4.15″ that we have already received. Rivers across Vermont have seen a lot of action and flooding over the past few weeks. Rivers should be continued to be monitored in view of the ground being fairly saturated. To get the latest river gauge reports, I’d suggest using this link.

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