Cold Temperatures for Vermont September 16, 2011


A very large ridge associated with high pressure over W’rn New York encompasses all of Vermont and the remainder of New England. This ridge will remain over the region into Monday before it is forced out of the area by a frontal boundary approaching from the Great Lakes region. While on the E’rn side of the ridge, much of Vermont will be susceptible to cold nights near freezing. We won’t begin to enter the W’rn side of the ridge until Sunday. So this basically means that tonight and Saturday night will give us the greatest chance for temperatures near freezing. People close to Lake Champlain will remain well above freezing as the influence of warmer water temperatures will prevent air temperatures from crashing.

Forecast Temperatures

With regards to lows for tonight, areas like Burlington, VT and locations near Lake Champlain in the Champlain Valley will likely drop down to 38-40°F. Farther away from the lake and more into the Green Mountains and NEK, temperatures will drop down to 32°F. Saturday night will pretty much be a repeat of tonight with upper 30′s to near 40°F near Lake Champlain and then temperatures near freezing in the NEK and Green Mountains. Some local areas may even drop into the upper 20′s for tonight and Saturday night. Don’t forget to cover up your plants over the next two days or you might loose them!

High temperatures over the weekend will generally be between 60-63°F close to the lake and in valleys. In more mountainous areas of Vermont, high temperatures will not break 60. Some of the higher peaks in the Green Mountains will actually struggle to even reach the lower 50′s for Saturday. Temperatures will then moderate on Sunday where highs will try to approach 70 in the Champlain Valley. However, the remainder of Vermont will be in the 60-65°F range.

At this time, I’m aiming to restart forecasts in early October. I keep getting held back with the revamp. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish the majority of the home page revamp tomorrow night. I’ll keep everyone updated via Facebook.

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