2011 New Years Forecast for Burlington, VT, Boston, and New York City

So we’re getting close to New Years and I thought I’d update the midnight forecasts for New Years. Boston and New York City are looking to be rain free. However, Burlington may have the chance for an isolated shower when the ball drops at midnight. With regards to cloud cover, Burlington will be totally overcast. Boston will be a little better with mostly cloudy skies. However,  New York City will be best with mainly clear to partly cloudy skies. Due to the mainly clear skies, New York City will actually be the coldest spot with temperatures in the mid 30′s. So if you’re planning on heading to Time Square, bundle up! Burlington will be hovering in the mid to upper 30′s and Boston will be warmest with temperatures near 40. This will be my last post until the New Year, so Happy New Year everyone!

Like always, people around Burlington, VT can view my latest forecast at http://www.burlington-weather.com/Burlington_VT_forecast.php!

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2011 New Years forecast for VT, NY and the remainder of New England

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So I thought I’d shoot this out a little early so people can prepare for the New Year across New England and New York City. With the popularity the blog has had over the past week with the Nor’easter, I’ve decided to basically give a midnight forecast for all major cities across New England including New York City. I’m going to start off with Burlington, VT and work my way out. Please keep in mind that this post will get old and I will update it closer to New Years. I will put links to the new posts once they are up so you don’t have to hunt. Enjoy and Happy New Year to all!!!

Burlington,VT – Cloudy with temperatures in the mid to upper 30′s.
For everyone near Burlington, you can view my local forecasts at http://www.burlington-weather.com/Burlington_VT_forecast.php!

Boston, MA – Partly to mostly cloudy with temperatures hanging around the lower 40′s.

Hartford, CT – Partly to mostly cloudy with temperatures in the mid to upper 30′s.

New York City – Partly cloudy with temperatures in the lower 40′s.

Providence, RI – Partly cloudy with temperatures in the mid to upper 30′s.

Heading to Vermont? Check out the highest resolution model that covers Vermont! For more, check out my site and click on the models section!