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Website Update

Unfortunately, I regret to inform everyone that I've had to put the development of this site on hold for the time being. However, I will be continuing to blog when time permits. Thank you all for you patience while I give the site a major overhaul!

Burlington, VT Weather

Even though Burlington Weather provides data for all of Vermont and the NE'rn US, it's main focus is for the Burlington, VT/Champlain Valley region. Detailed and personalized weather forecasts are produced for the Burlington vicinity on a daily basis. Each forecast is finely tuned for the first 72hrs and extends out to five days. A regional weather synopsis is also written to give a further explanation of what is happening across the area. For a look at today's forecast, please visit the Burlington, VT weather forecast page.

Weather Data

Whether you're a enthusiest or a professional meteorologist, data is your lifeblood to forecasting. Burlington Weather has been designed to be a one-stop-shop website for anyone that is interested in the weather across the Northeast. GFS and NAM data is available in a graphical format for anywhere in the region. Customized radar has been implemented onto Google Maps. Regional satellite data is also available. Additionally, Burlington Weather provides a customized high resolutoin 4km hybrid model that is run in house!

Weather Blog

The Burlington Weather Blog is a great place to get indepth details when the weather is acting up! When the weather gets interesting, be sure to check out the blog to see if there are any posts about your concerns or interests.